Running is popular in most cultures but in many Native cultures there is a spiritual meaning that connects people to the activity in a unique way. Running has been part of Hopi life for centuries and it provides many Hopi with a mental and spiritual sanctuary. We Run Strong is dedicated to preserving the tradition of running for Hopi people and encouraging other Native and non Native people to participate in running activities.

The We Run logo was designed by Hopi artist Bryan Humetewa, Bear Clan from the Upper Village of Moenkopi. 


Hopi Running Activities

100 Mile Club

17 years ago the Hopi Special Diabetes office of the Hopi Tribe introduced the 100 Mile Club to the Hopi reservation. This program sets a goal of 100 miles to be run by a single individual of all ages, from May to August. The program focuses on attacking the epidemic of Diabetes that plagues many reservations including Hopi, through running. A small fee is incurred for each individual, often offering family discounts and such, and the entire span of the program they offer FREE run/walks throughout the Hopi reservation to cater to all 12 villages. This focuses on helping registrants with the motivation to reach their goal amongst a crowd, as many believe running and walking is more fun when you do it with friends right? This is a great project, and has been widely successful in promoting health and wellness amongst the Hopi reservation.

H.E.A.L. Elementary Running

The H.E.A.L. league was established to serve all the local elementary schools (7 total) on the Hopi reservation to provide an organized sports program for students to enjoy. Cross-country has been a widely popular sport, as it draws all schools together for a finale at the end of the season. Family members, friends, classmates, school staff, all gather to cheer on the kids as they compete with one another in a positive, competitive atmosphere.

Hopi High School Cross Country

We like to use five words to describe the Hopi Boys team: Guinness Book of World Records. Look them up, and there they will be. Hopi Boys Cross Country has won a National Record 25 straight State titles with the same coach, Rick Baker. The Hopi girls team fares well themselves racking up 22 state titles with their largest streak being 13. These programs are the heart and soul of Hopi running these days, giving the younger kids something to look forward to when they get to high school. Many are proud to say that they were once a part of the Hopi Cross Country legacy. The beauty of it is that both teams continue to inspire the younger generation.